No Milk - Brownies
No Milk - Brownies
No Milk - Brownies
No Milk - Brownies

No Milk - Brownies

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Introducing our delicious brownies in a 'no dairy' version. Each brownie is still made with 3 types of Belgian chocolate, 70%, 54% blend and 43% chocolate chips. This brownie is then topped with more of our 54% blend and then covered in dark chocolate shavings...... It is rich, dark and delicious. Each 6cm x 6cm slice is then hand packed into its own box, then placed into our signature gift boxes (6 & 12 Packs).

If we find that this is a popular option, we will look to add additional flavours to the non dairy range. We will keep you posted as we add more products.

We aim to ship each Thursday- please have all orders in by Tuesday evening - if you need a specific date, drop us an email with your order number to Shipping is charged at £2.50. 

Whilst this brownie contains no dairy, it is important to note that the chocolate, whilst having no dairy ingredients does carry a 'may contains' warning for MILK. The brownies are also baked in the same oven and equipment as our dairy containing versions. We are therefore categorising them as 'May Contain MILK'. 

Ingredients: Doves Gluten Free Plain Flour, Eggs, Unrefined Sugar, Callebaut Chocolate - Dark 70% & Dark 54%, Callebaut Dark Choc Chips, Pure Sunflower Spread, Vanilla Bean Paste, Sunflower oil, Calletbaut Dark Chocolate Shavings.

Contains: EGGS, SOYA

May Contain: MILK

May Contain: WHEAT (some of our products use an ingredient that is produced from a wheat based glucose syrup. The processing has rendered the product Gluten Free and is certified as such, however it may be unsuitable for anyone with an allergy to wheat)

No nuts are used in our facility, our ingredients are certified as nut free. We are currently working with SYNLAB to have our products tested in a lab environment, to give further confidence to our customers with allergies.

Please see FAQs for further details and detailed chocolate ingredients.