What we do......

Online Boxes.

Firstly, Gifting. These are beautifully packaged in sturdy keepsake boxes, in a selection of sizes. Each slice individually baked to ensure the right amount of crust to encase the perfect silky centre. We then wrap each one to ensure it reaches the recipient as perfect as it was when it left. A delightful gift to give or receive. These are available in four sizes. 2 and 4 slice come in our signature 'milk carton' style packaging, whereas our 6 or 12 slice come in a classic keepsake gift box. Single flavours can be ordered as a one off or, occasionally we will offer a mixed box. 

Secondly we have a ‘Just For You’ range. These have been created based on feedback we have received, and are aimed at our gluten and nut free customers who want to eat our bakes more regularly. This range is available at a lower cost, as we do not put them in their individual boxes. We wrap them in tissue, then cling film to keep them safe. We then place them in a lidded box and once again wrap to send. These are great value, and yes they will not arrive looking quite so beautiful, but hey, as your mother always said, it's what's inside that counts!

Should you wish to order several of these in one go, please give us a shout as we can work out a bulk buying discount for you. info@bakdcake.com



Everyone loves a wedding, and we are no exception. Please give us a call or a message to discuss what you are thinking, we can provide favours, brownie cakes or stacks, your desserts.... just let us know. info@bakdcake.com



We can help your meeting go with a bang! Well, we can at least provide the cake to make it more bearable..... give us a shout.... info@bakdcake.com


Business to Business

We know you are a busy kitchen, we know the issues with cross contamination..... let us lighten your load and provide you with some 'safe' options for your customers. Please get in touch at info@bakdcake.com


Bulk Discounts

So you need a lot of our product.... ok.... let us know and we can work out a discount for you. info@bakdcake.com

Bak'dcake Consulting


At bak'dcake we have a huge amount of experience working in the freefrom market. Our Head Baker has spent years working in professional kitchens and made them 'allergy friendly' along the way.

If you feel your business could do with a helping hand please give us a shout. We run consultancy services on a daily rate, discounting for 3 or more days.

Most kitchens can benefit from this service, as we will look at your menu, your procedures and cross contamination control, suggesting improvements and steps to take, to help you tap into the £260 million spent annually by freefrom customers. By not meeting the needs of these diners, restaurants stand to lose out on their and their entire table's repeat custom. For a few hours dedicated time, you could increase your customer base and freefrom customer presence going forwards. Please email info@bakdcake.com