Baking Advice

Baking with new ingredients for the first time can be daunting - but we are here to help. 

Our guide covers all aspects of freefrom baking and a whole range of alternatives for you to try. Everyone has their favourites but some work better in some recipes than others!

Firstly, all the dry ingredients you need have been carefully selected, weighed and measured and included with the perfect sized baking tray. Get all of these together with the items you need to add before you start. You will usually need a pan, a mixing bowl, a whisk and a spatula. You will need some scales to weigh butter or your alternative and in some cases your milk.

GLUTEN / WHEAT: None of our kits contain any of these, nor the requirement to add them. Generally we use a good quality gluten free flour (self raising or plain) that you can buy from the supermarket.

BUTTER (MILK) All of our kits require butter or an alternative. ANY of the freefrom butters on the market work, vitalite, flora, pure etc... just choose your favourite. 

MILK: Our sticky toffee pudding asks you to add milk or cream to create a toffee sauce and custard.

Toffee Sauce: Cream - this is the best to add to your toffee sauce mix as it will result in a thicker sauce than milk alone. However please feel free to substitute with something like ELMLEA Plant Based Cream alternative. This stuff is amazing as a replacement.

Alternatively use whichever free from milk you choose depending on your own personal needs. 

Custard - This requires a milk, just use whichever alternative you normally use at home. Rice milk will give a thinner custard than most others, but equally delicious.

EGG: All of our recipes suggest using eggs. Eggs become more important in baking once the gluten has been removed as it helps the bakes to rise. There are a number of egg replacements on the market. These all work well in our bakes such as Orgran, Oggs or Free & Easy. Most can be picked up at the supermarket and will give great results. If however you want to be a little more experimental, here are our other alternatives.

Honeycomb Crunch :

Dates - 75g mixed with boiling water and mashed.

Chia Seeds - 2 tbsp mixed with water and left until 'gloopy' 

Sticky Toffee Pud:

You can skip the eggs, but add a few grinds of salt for taste.

Chia Seeds - 2tbsp mixed with water and left until 'gloopy'

Apple Sauce - Add small jar of apple sauce 

Lemon Drizzle and Birthday Cake

These are a bit trickier - an egg replacement works best. 

Avoid chia seeds as this makes it have a bit of a grey speckled consistency! 

Dates - 75g mixed with boiling water and mashed 

Apple Sauce - small jar of apple sauce

Hopefully this will have been helpful to you. If you have any questions you can complete our contact form or send us a message @bakdcake on facebook, messenger or instagram. 

Your bake can be made exactly as you like it, as your diet is as unique as you. If you find a great alternate that you think we should list, please let us know and we will be happy to test and share with our community.

Happy Baking

Team Bak'dcake