About us


Well, we are a family run business, now producing the recipes we have developed on our own gluten and nut free journey. One of our boys has a severe nut allergy and is gluten free to boot. This discovery in 2014 started the journey we are now ready to share with you. Never before had we looked at labels, taken any notice of ‘may contain's’, or had to know about #carrytwo…… it’s been a long and sometimes tough journey…. But from it we are stronger and now ready to share our amazing bakes with you.

We have worked on our recipes for the past 4 years, whilst transforming our home kitchen into a mini artisan bakery! It's a bit busier than it used to be, and often stuffed full of nut and gluten free goodies! We are launching with a selected number of bakes, but hope to extend this in time, as we buy more machinery and maybe a bigger space! 

So, by now you are thinking, this can't be real, these guys at bak'dcake sound too good to be true.... well here is the even better news....
We do all this, and then we donate 3% of our sales to charity. Our chosen charity is Over The Wall – OTW run residential camps for children affected by health issues. In 2017 they ran their first allergy camp in conjunction with the Anaphylaxis Campaign and Children in Need, for children with severe allergies. A weekend camp ran by Doctors and Health Care professionals where the children could eat anything.... (ANYTHING - imagine that) despite their allergies due to the sourcing and planning of a superb kitchen team! They all took part in fun activities and were surrounded by kids just like them! They are amazing people, who deserve our support. 

So.... buy amazing cakes..... support an amazing charity.... what are you waiting for?

Lisa @Team bak'dcake