Who are bak'dcake?.... Let me tell you.....

"Let me tell you....." is the phrase one of our boys generally shouts at the top of his voice, before announcing something highly embarrassing..... Yet it seemed apt to start our first blog with this - not just because it made us smile, but because, well, we are going to tell you. 

We will also tell you that we have never blogged before, or indeed done any of the things we are currently trying our hand at.

So bak'dcake (it's short for baked cake yeah? You got that already though...yeah?) is our family creation of gluten and nut free treats. We bake in house, quite literally, to our tried and tested recipes. We use only the best ingredients of British Butter, Free Range Eggs, Fairtrade Sugar and Belgian Chocolate (supporting the world's Cocoa Farmers). 

We use no gluten in our bakes and all our chocolate is sourced from gluten and nut free factories. 

Why are bak'dcake? Once again, let me tell you..... we are here because we have endured many years of over priced, poor quality desserts due to allergies. We have lost count of how many times we spy something in a shop, stall or menu, that looks nice, only to be told it may contain nuts..... On one occasion our little boy was offered a banana rather than one of the gooey, chocolatey, sticky desserts his brothers were offered. Now, we have nothing against bananas, they are delicious and healthy and nutritious.... they are not however what a 10 year old wants for his pudding!

So we have made a stand. We have created bak'dcake. We will be bringing you delicious baked treats that you will not believe are gluten and nut free. We have tested these recipes on many, and we have eaten WAY more than we should..... gaining a few pounds... but it has all been worth it. We are going to be launching our online shop soon, where you can buy these delicious goodies directly from us. We will be popping up at various fairs during the summer and of course we will be attending the Allergy and Free From Show in Liverpool on 3rd & 4th November. Come along and meet us - try food - buy food!

That is all for now..... how was that for a first blog? Be sure to let us know!

Team bak'dcake xxx


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